Pain – ´Coming Home´concerts in Tallinn & Riga

I have a confession to make. Know those groupies, constantly going to some band’s concert, throwing bras on stage and perhaps even following the band’s tour bus for no reason. Well, that’s not us! 😛 But we do love Pain, so here’s another gig review! 😀


So, Pain had a gig in Tallinn on April 17th and the next day they played in Riga. Needless to say, we went to both concerts. Well, when Pain is in your hometown, you simply cannot stay at home. In Riga, the truth is, we just love the venue, club Melnā Piektdiena, and also a little vacation was more than welcome.


Everything was just great. The guys were in a good mood, the crowd was in a good mood – need more Mondays like that.


And of course – Peter Tägtgren is such a rockstar on stage. Purely awesome!


The vibe was good and Jonathan, who was covering for André, really blended in. Good job!


The setlist was a bit different than on the Helsinki gig, where we went last year. More old songs, or so it seemed.


Again, guys were in a good shape and I think, the audience loved every minute of the show. Some more crazy ones even started a mosh pit, modest one though.


In Riga, it seemed that the guys were having more fun on stage. Little gestures, facial expressions. For the balance, audience was more serious I think. No, they did like the gig, just that in Tallinn it seemed more fun.


And it’s always a pleasure to visit Riga. We love Melnā Piektdiena club! It has a nice stage, comfortable area where to sit and watch the shows (and drink afterwards), nicely supplied bar and clean restrooms. Seriously, I think it is one of the nicest clubs nearby.


So, thank you Tõnis, thank you Sergejs  – for organizing the concerts!

Thank you Pain, it was just awesome to see you again! You guys rock! \m/

Text and photos: Bitch Hard Girls Squad