Dark Tranquillity ´Atoma´tour – an enchanting concert in Tallinn!

If I was forced to name only one metal genre as my favorite, it would probably be melodic death metal. The Gothenburg style. So, when Dark Tranquillity and the ´Atoma´ European tour arrived in Tallinn, staying at home was no option.

Unfortunately I missed the first opening act, Nox Vorago. Everyone I met later said, they were really good. Oh well, powdering my nose took longer than expected. Speaking of powdering, I probably should have packed a pair of earplugs to my purse as well, along with the powder and lipgloss. Like, seriously  – speaking about the second opening act, Nailed To Obscurity, was their sound engineer a drummer by any chance? The sound was killing me, I had to watch the band as far from the stage as possible, because my ears hurt. Maybe it was their music in general, that needed more low tunes. Anyway, the first couple of songs I watched from the audience were interesting. I mean, not my cup of tea, but the music and the way only back lights were used, so only foggy shapes of bandmembers were visible, it was kind of mesmerizing.


Nailed To Obscurity

Speaking of the headliner, Dark Tranquillity has always had strong live performances. They are really, really good on stage. No exceptions.


Dark Tranquillity

This time, the first thing that struck me, was their sound. Wow! Such a clear sound, almost perfect! The way you could hear all the little details, keyboards, guitars, incredible!


Dark Tranquillity

I think Mikael Stanne has such a good voice, even his growls have this undefinable clarity in it, during live concerts as well. The music and his voice, well, they were in a perfect harmony.


Dark Tranquillity

Now when talking about Mikael Stanne, damn, he is such a powerful frontman. The way he captures the audience, it’s outstanding. Small gestures, smiles – the guy owns the stage!


Dark Tranquillity

Actually, everything was capturing. The background videos added a nice finishing touch. Guitar players, despite being new ones, fitted nicely into the band. They tried really hard, and suceeded. I was there for the show and the show was great!


Dark Tranquillity

In conclusion I’d say, for me it was probably one of the best concerts of the year! Band members, songs, sounds, show, everything was in place. So here’s my suggestion – when DT arrives in your town, make sure you go see them, even if you’re not a fan. They will engage your attention and I’m sure you will like the show. It’s simply enchanting.


Dark Tranquillity

For two days now, I’ve been singing:

It was solid
Yet everchanging
It was different
Yet the same
So I starve myself for energy…

Thank you Tõnis & Bad Promotions!

Text and photos: Bitch Hard Girls Squad